Quick Answer: How To Get Free Cash In Line Play?

How do you redeem a code on line play?

How to apply Line Play Coupon Codes for Free Gift, Invitation and Gems?

  1. Open LINEPLAY and locate the event icon.
  2. Click on the event icon and tap on gift code.
  3. Write the code in the text box provided.
  4. Click on the submit button and you will receive the cute item or gems related to the code.

How do you get VIP on royal line play?

In order to become a VIP Royal member, you must collect 5,000 or more stars in total. The total amount will not change even if you become a Royal member or when your monthly VIP resets. Get 1,000 Cash, 10 Face Shop tickets, and 10 Fairy Dusts upon attainment.

How do you send old gifts on line play?

You can send gifts to players who are not on your Friends list.

  1. From the Home screen, tap My Room > Menu > Room Deco, then tap the Recycle button at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Tap the Recycle button to the bottom left of the item box.
  3. Choose the item you wish to recycle and press the Recycle button.
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How do you get a lot of money in line play?

While gems are relatively easy to earn, there are only a few ways to earn cash in the game.

  1. Buy them with money. Buying cash is one of the few ways to obtain them.
  2. Events. Occasionally, LINE Play hold events where you can earn some free cash.
  3. Competitions.
  4. Login Bonus.

How do you get gems fast in line play?

You can complete your daily quest by fishing up trash and get some extra gems by fishing it up. You will have a fish collection journal that records all the fish you caught. If you collect all the fish in one of the pages, you’ll get 5,000 gems. Completing the tutorial for the first time will give you gems to spend.

How do you get badges in line play?

To buy badges, you can get ‘points’ by buying gems, and then you purchases badges at the badge shop for 5 points each.

How do you level up in line play?

The Upgrade feature allows players to upgrade a certain Gachapon item to have a higher rarity. The upgraded item usually has a unique, special animation and appearance. To upgrade an item, go to the Gacha Shop list and select the Gacha that has an UPGRADE tag. If you have all required items, you’ll be able to upgrade.

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