Often asked: How To Play Classcraft?

What is the point of Classcraft?

Classcraft is an online fantasy-themed behavior and learning-management role-playing game (also available as Chrome, Android, and iOS apps). Basically, this means cool avatars with special powers going on quests and earning points for successfully completely them individually and as a team.

How do you get powers in Classcraft?

Each time a student earns enough Experience Points (XP) to level up, they’ll earn a Power Point (PP), which they can spend toward learning new powers. Guardians, Healers, and Mages can each learn different powers that can either be game-based, personal, or academic in nature.

Does Classcraft work with Google classroom?

Classcraft Google Classroom Classcraft integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom. Use Google assignments to create exciting personalized learning adventures in Classcraft.

Who made Classcraft?

Founded in 2013 by brothers Shawn and Devin Young and their father, Lauren Young, Classcraft is an award-winning ed-tech company serving more than 6 million students and educators worldwide and a Quebec- and New York City-based certified B Corporation.

How do you level up in Classcraft?

When your students behave well in class or follow the rules you have defined with them, you should give them Experience Points, or XP and Gold Pieces (GP). After receiving a set amount of XP (known as reaching the XP level cap), they will automatically level up and progress in-game.

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What is boss HP in Classcraft?

“HP boss” is the 2nd value you need for CC: “Boss-HP”. It is derived from multiplying the number of rounds with the real damage “DMGar,EstHR”.

What happens if you fall in Classcraft?

In Classcraft, when a student loses all their HP, they “fall” and commit to a “pledge” that they must complete. They then come back into the game with 1 HP. Health Points are represented by the red bar, and students cannot earn more HP than their maximum allotted amount (shown when the bar is full).

What does the healer do in Classcraft?

Healers perform healing functions in the game. When a team member takes damage, Healers can use their powers to restore HP. They can even use these powers on themselves! The Healer has a maximum of 50 HP and 35 AP, giving them an edge on strength and survival.

What is student Classcraft?

Classcraft – Classcraft is a student engagement tool that uses motivating gaming principles to create a positive student experience.

How do I change my Classcraft character?

To do so, go to your “Students” list in your class settings and click the pencil button across from the student’s name. A pop-up will appear with the option to change their character class and other information, such as their appearance.

What is a white mage?

The White Mage is a job class obtained after defeating Holly Whyte. The White Mage’s primary strength is the ability to cast White Magic, which is primarily focused on healing and buffing spells, and some offensive Wind spells.

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