How To Play Kantai Collection On Pc?

How do I play Kantai Collection on my computer Reddit?

To start KC3 you will need to click the small icon that appears on the top right corner of Chrome to open up the dropdown and select Play Kantai Collection. After toggling the features you want to use, you can then start the game.

Is there a Kantai Collection game?

Kantai Collection (Japanese: 艦隊これくしょん, Hepburn: Kantai Korekushon, lit. “Fleet Collection”), abbreviated as KanColle (艦これ, KanKore), is a Japanese free-to -play web browser game developed by Kadokawa Games and published by The game was launched on April 23, 2013.

Is KanColle still playable?

THIS GAME IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH. Kantai Collection (also known as KanColle) is an online browser game created by Kadokawa Games.

Do I need a VPN to play KanColle?

VPN or Proxy Note that VPN/Proxy is only required during login (the real gadget server will be accessed via a Japanese IP address) and can be disabled afterward (game servers do not require a Japanese IP). One free option is VPN Gate, an “Academic Experiment Project” by the University of Tsukuba.

Is Azur lane better than KanColle?

Much of the tedious micromanagement in Kancolle is also streamlined in Azur Lane. Overall, Azur Lane can be enjoyed without incurring a lot of stress. Some players even commented that the gacha rate is more generous than most other mobile games as the rate for the highest rarity is set at 7%.

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How do I download KanColle?


  1. Go to Settings -> Security -> Turn on Unknown Sources.
  2. Download the DMM Webstore app here. Alternatively you can download the APK from here.
  3. Once installed, open the Webstore app, login into your DMM account and find KanColle Android.
  4. Install and enjoy.
  5. (Optional) Install KCAnotify for a viewer on Android.

Is KanColle a Gacha?

KanColle is the ultimate F2P gacha game and nothing beats KanColle for it.

What is the meaning of kantai?

regiment, party, company, squad.

Who made kantai collection?

Kantai Collection /: Who made kantai collection?

How do I access DMM games? How to play DMM Japan games with a VPN

  1. Connect to the Japanese server of the Virtual Private Network.
  2. Log on to the official website of DMM.
  3. Create an account using your email or a social media account.
  4. Click on the game you want to play.

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