FAQ: How To Play Viper?

Is Viper a good Valorant?

While she’s a tad tricky to get to grips with, Viper is definitely a meta agent, but she needs a good team around her to really see the benefits of her abilities. If you’re planning on solo queuing, Viper might not be for you – unless you know all the best line ups, of course.

How does Viper E work?

Viper’s Q and E emit toxic gas which uses a shared fuel resource. You’ll start the game with 100% fuel and using these abilities will tick it down to 0. It recharges over time after you turn these abilities off.

Is Viper bad in Valorant?

If you aren’t new to Valorant’s Agent tier lists, then you are probably aware that Viper was initially considered to be one of the worst Agents in the game. Her C-tier rating came from the fact that she was incredibly difficult to handle by newer players as well as experienced ones in solo queue.

Does Viper ULT go away?

Viper’s Ultimate Ability, Viper’s Pit, creates a giant cloud of poison gas that covers a large area, about the size of a bomb site. The cloud will dissipate when Viper dies or leaves it for five seconds. While inside, Viper’s enemies glow bright red on her screen.

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Can viper bite kill Valorant?

Toxic screen and poison cloud are two abilities that can make pushing onto the site in any capacity a huge disadvantage for the enemy. Snake Bite while in Vipers Nest will instantly kill any enemy, as will the slightest graze from one of your guns.

Is Sabine a Viper?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Sabine in Valorant is actually Viper, according to the hints left in the game. If there are two Vipers in a match, a voiceline triggers I am coming for you Sabine. Omen has a voiceline that says, Don’t die here Sabine.

Why does omen call Viper Sabine?

It’s no wonder then that players are confused as to why the name Sabine keeps popping up. Viper, a less popular agent, brings up Sabine a few times in her voice lines. Omen also uses the name “Sabine.” He jokes in a voice line that Sabine used to use her skills for healing instead of experiments.

Can you pick up Vipers smoke?

The strongrst part of viper is the fact the smoke are way longuer than every other. I think the most important think tu be rework is the ult. Brims smokes last longer after his buff. You can pick it up.

Where should a viper wall be?

A VALORANT player recently shared an arsenal of smoke and wall spots on Split that you can take advantage of with Viper. Viper is useful when it comes to blocking off rotations. The first Toxic Screen spot is located toward the right of the attacker’s spawn side.

Can u pick up Viper wall?

Viper abilities overview Fire to deploy a long line of gas emitters. Re-use the ability to create a tall wall of toxic gas at the cost of fuel. Re-use the ability to create a toxic gas cloud at the cost of fuel. This ability can be re-used more than once and can be picked up to be redeployed.

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How long does Viper smoke last?

Lasts forever if Viper returns to refuel it every 15 seconds, or remains inside.

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