Trade-ins 2017

We clean and test all items before putting them out. We usually put everything out 3 days after purchasing the items.

These items were brought in on 2/04/2017
IMG_20170204_155410_950 These items were brought in towards the end of January 2017 IMG_20170125_110749_197

Reproduction Carts SNES/NES

We are now starting to carry reproduction cartridges for Super Nintendo and Nintendo NES (boxed NES ones only at the moment&loose SNES only at the moment). If you have any game suggestions please e-mail us at [email protected] or comment below. See our quality of repro carts in the video below.

The list of games we currently have are:

  • Earthbound SNES ($50)
  • Earthbound NES boxed ($75/no manual)
  • Super Bomberman 4 ($40)
  • Super Metroid Zero Mission ($40)
  • Pokemon Stadium ($40)
  • Magical Pop’n ($40)
  • Contra Spirits ($40)
  • Secret of Mana 2 ($40)
  • Sailor Moon R ($40)
  • Legend of Zelda Parallel Worlds ($40)
  • Legend of Zelda Goddess of Wisdom ($40)
  • Mega Man & Bass ($40)
  • Castlevania X ($40)
  • Super Metroid Redesign ($40)
  • Clock Tower ($40)
  • Fire Emblem ($40)
  • Terranigma ($40)


Magic The Gathering News

Hey everyone! We are going to be giving you guys more updates about our events, new inventory, and more MTG related specials! We also sell singles, call us to see if we have a card you are looking for. Below is a list of specials, MTG casual play, and booster packs/boxes we have available right now. For events we can comfortable fit 16 people. If there is enough players where we need to increase our players space we will do that.

Thursday Booster Pack Special: ALL BOOSTER PACKS $3.00 each (no limit) 2pm-6pm only. 

Magic The Gathering Casual Play Tuesday-Sunday during normal business hours.

Booster Draft Casual Thursday: 6-4-1-1 must be minimum 8 players for sanction. (less than 8 will not be submitted as an event under the Wizards Reporter)

We hope to bring you more events and prizes, but we are not core level yet, and it is difficult to get promotional items from Wizards until we reach core. Spreading the word is the best way to bring players in and have them play in a great, comfortable environment. We appreciate your business and thank you for understanding.  


Pokemon products from TOMY

IMG_20160224_173627We are starting to carry Pokemon products from TOMY. If you have any comments or suggestions as to what Pokemon products we should carry, please e-mail us at [email protected]



Call Of Duty Black Ops III and Shovel Knight out today!

We have Call of Duty Black Ops III for XBOX ONE and PS4 for only $54.99! We also have PS3 and XBOX 360 copies for only $44.99! $5 bucks cheaper than anywhere else! Come trade in your old school video games like Super Nintendo, NES, GameCube, Wii, PS2, and many many more!

IMG_20151106_114006 20151106_121045We also have Shovel Knight for Wii U, PS4, and Nintendo 3DS for ONLY $24.99! Come get your copy today!